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On its way to success, the company TKK d.o.o. is committed to excellence, reliability, continuous development and the highest degree of professionalism in the production of polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives and chemical additives in the construction industry.


The first choice of domestic and foreign professionals

With its rich history and continuous development, the company TKK d.o.o. has successfully established itself as a specialist in the production of high-quality products in the field of construction chemistry. With an extensive sales network and branches in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia, it is a leader in Southeast Europe in the production of sealants, polyurethane foams, adhesives and chemical additives in the construction industry with annual sales of over EUR 65 million.

70 years of production tradition, innovation, responsive business model and experience from the presence in many countries around the world allow the company to constantly expand the range of its products and quickly adapt to customer requirements. With a commitment to excellence, environmental responsibility and responsive professional support and advice to customers, the company TKK d.o.o. will continue to strive to be the first choice of domestic and foreign builders.

A brief history of the company

The added value of TKK d.o.o. products comes from a long tradition and experience.

1947 – establishment of the company Kreda (now TKK d.o.o.)

1986 – start of production of silicone-based sealants

1990 – Kreda is renamed to TKK and becomes an independent joint stock company

1992 – start of production of polyurethane foam

1998 – start of production of two-component silicones for models

2001 – introduction of a new product group for adhesives (Tekafiks)

2005 – introduction of a new automatic silicone production line

2005 – expansion of the range of adhesives within the Tekafiks product group

2013 – TKK becomes part of the Soudal Holding NV group

2014 – introduction of a new name for the adhesives product group (Tekafix) and launch of new adhesives within the product group

2015 – launch of a new line of super quality and versatile adhesives (FiX.Expert)

2019 – launch of a new product line of professional sanitary silicones in paints (Tekasil Color)

2020 – launch of the new product line TKK Garden, which contains products for adhesion, sealing and protection of external materials

2020 – launch of a new product line of multiple-use adhesives (FIX)


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TKK d.o.o.

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Phone: 05 384 13 00

Email: info@tkk-group.com

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